TVT Junior Beach Athletes Capture Gold in U15 in Hermosa

(Madeline Kriz (left) stuffing the ball back across the net.)

USA Volleyball’s 2015 Beach HP Championships crowned Madeline Kriz & Megan Deterling winners of the U15 divisions on July 16, 2015 in Hermosa Beach, California.   Madi & Megan are both year-round beach athletes with TVT’s Junior Beach in Austin, TX.

Madeline Kriz & Megan Deterling from Austin beat Madison Daum & Jessica Maxon from Florida in the gold medal match 21-11, 21-18 to claim first after their undefeated two days. Prior, Kriz & Deterling defeated Noell Weintraub & Maya Harvey (National) 21-6, 15-21, 15-13 in the semifinal and Peyton Wilhite & Camille Hanna (HP) 21-17, 18-21, 15-13 in the quarterfinal.

Keeping Up with Amanda Dowdy

We are very excited to follow one of Texas Volleyball Tour’s elite athletes, Amanda Dowdy, as she prepares for the 2014 AVP Tour and USA Beach National Team.  She is currently out in Chula Vista at the Olympic Training Center for the U26 Beach National Team tryouts.  Good luck Amanda! We are all rooting for you here at home!   

Hey y’all!
It’s been an eventful first couple days out here in Chula Vista. After getting settled in yesterday we went to our first training and did some physical testing and then played Queen of the Beach for the last hour of practice. Allowing us get all the jet lag out of our systems and get acquainted with each other was the perfect start to camp.
I was pleasantly surprised with my testing results. It was very motivating to see good results come from all the hard work I have been putting in these last few months.  Happy, happy, happy!
Today was our first full day of training. This morning was difficult to get my body going after traveling all day yesterday, but no excuses. I will definitely make a routine of getting out of bed early enough to get some work done..planks, stretching, rolling (your welcome, Tim) to get my body aka my knees moving before our 3 hour practices.
We focused on a lot of skill work in the morning session. It was a slower pace practice but still very beneficial. We had to work with different athletes and figure out how to be productive as a group when we have never played together prior to this camp. It was a lot of fine tuning on the different skills of the game such as setting, various types of serving, pulling, etc. You think you are solid at all these skills until they break it down…it never fails you always have some weakness, always room for improvement.  This evening’s session was a lot of fun. We started out with some drills then got to play the rest of the time. I will have to say I made some break throughs on a few things that I have been working on. It all just clicked by the end of it. One step at a time.
I have really enjoyed the coaches here. Each one brings a different aspect to the game. I consider it a great opportunity to continue to learn and grow your game with some top level coaches critiquing you and giving you feedback. Better believe I’m taking notes!
I am enjoying each day and taking it all in. I want to learn as much as possible while I’m here and start applying it to my future training. You never stop learning no matter what level you are at, there is always something new you either didn’t know or you can learn a little differently. I try to keep an open mind and be comfortable with being outside my comfort zone. Easier said than done but it’s a goal I try to keep in mind.
A few notes on training today…
  • keep the game small – with your passing & setting – higher the ball, more room for error
  • play your strengths
  • attack at your peak (be patient, wait for the set)- seems obvious but a light bulb went off for me today. When I attack the ball at my peak my shots are much cleaner and I can reach well over the block. Makes my life much easier!
That’s all for today!
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