The TVT points system tracks individual points throughout the tour for all divisions.  Points and finishes are used to help determine seeds.


The top 3 point leaders in each division will win the following prizes at the end of the season.

1st Place: Trophy & Beach Cruiser
2nd Place: Oakley Gear
3rd Place: Official Game Balls


The top 3 point leaders in all junior divisions will win the following prizes at the end of each season.

1st Place: Trophy & Official NCAA Ball
2nd Place: Kauai Bikini bottoms or Sand Socks
3rd Place: TVT Tee

TVT Finish & Points

1st = 50 pts
2nd = 48 pts
3rd = 45 pts
5th = 40 pts
7th = 35 pts
9th = 30 pts
13th = 25 pts
17th = 20 pts
25th = 15 pts
Teams not coming out of pool will receive the same points.  Points for teams not coming out of pool will be determined by the number of teams in a division.


Points will be updated after each tournament. Texas Volleyball Tour will be the final arbiter of any and all disputes arising out of the TVT points system.

Men's Open
Women's Open
Men's A
Women's A
Coed A
Men's B
Women's B
Coed B




1st Francisco Quesada-Paneque 367 pts
2nd Ryan Walker 346 pts
3rd Troy Schlicker 342 pts
4th Jordan Gladstone 321 pts
5th Garrett Denney 225 pts
6th Michal Welc 215 pts
7th Justin Beach 190 pts
8th Lennart Huijbers 185 pts
8th Jared Voeller 185 pts
10th Daniel Lindsey 180 pts
10th Clayton Dahlman 180 pts
10th Adam Manuel 180 pts


1st Christina Glenn 367 pts
2nd Melissa Cruz 357 pts
3rd Simone Priebe 313 pts
4th Andrea Nucete 260 pts
5th Caitlin Moon 250 pts
6th Cailtin Godwin 235 pts
7th Kate Privett 225 pts
8th Alisia Kemper 213 pts
9th Ashley Robert 210 pts
10th Taylor Nutterfield 186 pts

2017 18U

1st Taylor Jarzombek 662 pts
2nd Caitlin Godwin 446 pts
3rd Rebekah Brodbeck 431 pts
4th Courtney Moon 395 pts
5th Molly Davis 363 pts
6th Audrey Brooks 360 pts
7th Caitlin Moon 343 pts
8th Maddy Salazar 338 pts
9th Simone Priebe 336 pts
10th Sophie Bengoechea 303 pts

2017 16U

1st Molly Davis 356 pts
2nd Lua Lindner Rosado 339 pts
3rd Alexis Muniz 331 pts
4th Caitlin Godwin 288 pts
5th Abigail Elder 283 pts
6th Sophie Bengoechea 273 pts
7th Jasmin Odom 261 pts
8th Rylie Anderson 248 pts
9th Adriana Pereira 245 pts
9th Lauren Domel

2017 14U

1st Ashtyn Rheinlaender 328 pts
2nd Kenzie Thomas 315 pts
3rd Hailey Hamlett 219 pts
4th Chloe Culver 216 pts
5th Jenna Ross 205 pts
6th Gracey Campbell 193 pts
7th Madelyn Wallace 190 pts
8th Bonnie Davis 180 pts
9th Maddie Whynot 173 pts
10th Mackenzie Carr 163 pts



1st Daniel Lindsey 340 pts
2nd Taylor Hughes 300 pts
3rd Rafaa Quesada 288 pts
4th Alexander Kammermeier 284 pts
4th Ryan Walker 284 pts
6th Juan Beltran Pujol 273 pts
7th Adam Manuel 235 pts
8th Tommy Wolfe 226 pts
9th Orri Jonsson 205 pts
9th Jon Michael Welch 205 pts
9th Dayton Arellano 205 pts


1st Taylor Nutterfield 366 pts
2nd Courtney Trevino 361 pts
3rd Lauren Dickson 291 pts
4th Melissa Cruz 280 pts
5th Lindsey Shepard 245 pts
6th Jayna Duke 216 pts
7th Tori Thompson 215 pts
8th Claire Smalzer 208 pts
9th Carly Perales 205 pts
10th Kyra Lancon 195 pts
10th Taylor Jarzombek 195 pts


1st Justin Runyan 318 pts
2nd Jordan Wagner 240 pts
3rd Luis Lerma 198 pts
4th Joe Erickson 195 pts
5th Jett Freeman 190 pts
6th Matias Zubko 185 pts
7th Devin Glenn 183 pts
7th Drew Harrison 183 pts
9th Andre Arrieta 153 pts
10th Sean Santellanes 138 pts
10th Richie David 138 pts



1st Ryan Walker 385 pts
2nd Taylor Hughes 327 pts
3rd Jay Johnson 320 pts
3rd Kasey Hall 320 pts
5th Daniel Lindsey 288 pts
6th Oleksiy Gutor 287 pts
7th Tommey Wolfe 275 pts
8th Rafaa Quesada 253 pts
9th Shane Sigg 235 pts
10th Will Buchanan 205 pts


1st Dominique Price 285 pts
2nd Claire Smalzer 276 pts
2nd Taylor Nutterfield 276 pts
4th Jayna Duke 228 pts
4th Gena Rhodes 228 pts
6th Autumn Erickson 225 pts
7th Courtney Trevino 223 pts
8th Tori Thompson 220 pts
9th Mel Calata 215 pts
10th Taylor Bradley 203 pts

2015 MEN’S A

1st David Drymala 535 pts
2nd Ed Anderson 364 pts
3rd Jared Voeller 338 pts
4th Matt Rowan 321 pts
5th Jerod Heine 314 pts
6th Chris Ratliff 256 pts
7th Michael Gallagher 245 pts
7th Patrick Kinslow 245 pts
9th Jack Petersen 226 pts
10th Jack McGraw 220 pts

2015 WOMEN’S A

1st Tania Lyerly 280 pts
2nd Gretchen Heene 270 pts
3rd Amanda Mazur 183 pts
4th Monique Abernathy 165 pts
5th Adiba Hassan 150 pts
6th Carma Deem 145 pts
6th Ashley Liford 145 pts
8th Taylor Jarzombek 141 pts
9th Jade Henderson 140 pts
10th Jennifer Burgess 128 pts

2015 MEN’S B

1st Ben Green 278 pts
2nd Justin Runyan 195 pts
3rd Cole Allen 185 pts
3rd Luis Lerma 185 pts
3rd Andre Arrieta 185 pts
6th Drew Helms 165 pts
7th Jett Feeman 153 pts
8th Carlos Marino 148 pts
9th Phil Sikkema 145 pts
10th Richie David 144 pts



1st Kasey Hall 434 pts
2nd Rafaa Quesada 415 pts
3rd Juan Beltran pujol 388 pts
4th Thomas Wolfe 331 pts
5th Alexander Kammermeier 266 pts
5th Taylor Hughes 266 pts
7th Bobby Jones 249 pts
8th Brand Wylie 238 pts
9th Zack Kweder 213 pts
10th Chris Olds 210 pts
10th Tal Shavit 210 pts


1st Rachel Ford 412 pts
2nd Dominique Price 361 pts
2nd Mel Calata 361 pts
4th  Kyra Lancon 345 pts
5th Lauren Dickson 334 pts
6th Tori Thompson 310 pts
7th Lindsay Rosenthal 303 pts
8th Taylor Nutterfield 268 pts
9th Claire Smalzer 210 pts
10th Priscilla Jupe 180 pts

2014 MEN’S A

1st Aaron McManness 487 pts
2nd Matt Rowan 399 pts
3rd Jerod Heine 375 pts
4th Eric Valdez 351 pts
5th Bert Chandler 328 pts
6th Greg Russell 305 pts
7th David Drymala 300 pts
8th Nick Keel 266 pts
9th Austin Glass 255 pts
10th Joey Welty 250 pts

2014 WOMEN’S A

1st Tania Lyerly 542 pts
2nd Melissa Cruz 530 pts
3rd Missy Mitchell 424 pts
3rd Lauren Hinojos 424 pts
5th Kelli Weiblen 404 pts
6th Rachael Boaz 274 pts
7th Carma Deem 270 pts
8th Monique Abernathy 210 pts
9th Lara Melsha 200 pts
10th Tara Shackleford 198 pts

2014 MEN’S B

1st Quoc Nguyen 471 pts
2nd Kristopher Erickson 378 pts
3rd Jesse Weaver 370 pts
4th Joe Wong 315 pts
5th Andrew Helms 285 pts
6th Josh Bauman 225 pts
7th Chris Little 210 pts
8th Justin Voeller 206 pts
9th Cole Allen 200 pts
9th Kirt Haeberlein 200 pts

2014 COED A

1st David Drymala 370 pts
2nd Joey Welty 349 pts
3rd Kelli Weiblen 323 pts
4th Jennifer Burgess 309 pts
5th Matt Rowan 258 pts
6th Melanie Valenciana 205 pts
7th Ed Anderson 196 pts
7th Nicole Duffy 196 pts
9th Joe Benyi 190 pts
9th Kelsey Kinley 190 pts

2014 18U

1st Ariana Cortez 330 pts
1st Carly Perales 330 pts
3rd Jade Henderson 199 pts
4th Lela McIntosh 183 pts
5th Kenzie Holtz 180 pts
6th Regan Fleener 170 pts
7th Tori Paranagua 135 pts
7th Kaitlyn Kanatzar 135 pts
9th Cierra Patlan 133 pts
10th Kellen Dunn 125 pts

2014 16U

1st Tabitha Keever 205 pts
2nd Carly Perales 198 pts
3rd Taylor Bradley 193 pts
4th Maeleigh Haralson 191 pts
5th Megan Heytens 178 pts
5th Karlie Nixon 178 pts
7th Jin-Joo McCain 158 pts
8th Kenzie Holtz 155 pts
9th Jacqueline Ribeiro 138 pts
10th Taylor Jarzombek 135 pts
10th Kellie Woodin 135 pts

2014 14U

1st Maddy Salazar 228 pts
1st Caitlin Therien 228 pts
3rd Jenna  Murillo 185 pts
3rd Madeleine Haralson 185 pts
3rd Tabitha Keever 185 pts
6th Jenna Sheely 168 pts
7th Victoria Rogers 143 pts
7th Vivian Park 143 pts
9th Kendall  Stewart 140 pts
9th Skyllar Duncan 140 pts

2014 12U

1st Kaitlyn Bradley 318 pts
2nd Alyssa Carrizales 268 pts
3rd Liliana Sandoval 233 pts
3rd Sophie  Bengoechea 233 pts
5th Nadia Manitzas 186 pts
5th Grace Ramirez 186 pts
7th Juliana Murillo 178 pts
7th Joley Plummer 178 pts
9th Camdyn Doucet 170 pts
9th Elin  Kaiser 170 pts



1st Daniel Lindsey 488 pts
2nd Colin Kaslow 333 pts
3rd Dan Stubinski 310 pts
4th Troy Rieck 300 pts
5th Tim May 287 pts
6th Eric Roberts 285 pts
7th Troy Schlicker 278 pts
7th Zack Kweder 278 pts
9th Eric Price 271 pts
10th Riley Salmon 238 pts


1st Krystle Cabrera 460 pts
2nd Lauren Dickson 451 pts
3rd Jessica Stubinski 444 pts
4th Kyra Lancon  434 pts
5th Taylor Nutterfield 376 pts
6th Tori Thompson 310 pts
7th Katie Hirsch 308 pts
8th Kristen Petrasic 305 pts
9th Dominique Price 290 pts
10th Erika Rodriguez 285 pts

2013 MEN’S A

1st Carlos Velasco 626 pts
2nd Kasey Hall 605 pts
3rd Chris Olds 584 pts
4th Nick Keel 511 pts
5th Dorian Tsirozidis 430 pts
6th Ryan Encinas 404 pts
7th TJ Johnson 383 pts
8th Alex Templeton 370 pts
9th Mike Dorsey 358 pts
9th Ryan Brasiskis 358 pts

2013 WOMEN’S A

1st Janell Nicole 693 pts
2nd Darla Clark 494 pts
3rd Cindy Chapa 458 pts
4th Lauren Hinojos 431 pts
5th Missy Mitchell 391 pts
6th Samantha Johnson 373 pts
7th Valerie Teter 348 pts
8th Michelle Jost 335 pts
9th Jen deHay 322 pts
9th Loren Weaver 322 pts

2013 COED A

1st Cindy Chapa 383 pts
2nd Matt Rowan 256 pts
3rd Samantha Johnson 255 pts
3rd Al Dominguez 255 pts
5th Courtney Kellner 233 pts
6th Aaron McManness 175 pts
6th Rachel Ford 175 pts
8th Chris Olds 156 pts
9th Kasey Hall 148 pts
10th Taylor Bradley 146 pts


2012 MEN’S A

1st Javier Salinas 651 pts
2nd Binki Amina 566 pts
3rd Aaron McManness 519 pts
4th Carlos Velasco 463 pts
5th Scotty Gallup 443 pts
6th Al Dietrich 412 pts
7th Shawn Brown 345 pts
8th Matt Andrews 291 pts
9th Mike Dorsey 290 pts
10th TJ Johnson 278 pts

2012 WOMEN’S A

1st Tori Thompson 599 pts
2nd Jessica Casarez 560 pts
3rd Ashley Burch 520 pts
4th Samantha Johnson 390 pts
5th Ally Miller 381 pts
6th Kristin Kweder 360 pts
7th Megan Carlegis 234 pts
8th Dominique Price 233 pts
9th Jennifer Burgess 225 pts
10th Casey Carson 203 pts