Tim Wooliver


Trainer & Head Coach: Tim Wooliver

Turned Pro in 2000
Played AVP from 2000 to 2010
Main draw player from 2007 to 2010
Toyota Pro Beach Champion 2008
EEVB Champion 5 times
Chevy Freedom Champion 7 years in a row
Canada FIVB top 3 finisher
Barefoot Wine National Champion 2009 & 2010
2 x Corona Wide Open Champion in 2010
US OPEN National Championships 9th place 2010
Chicago Corona Wide Open top 10 finisher 2011
National Volleyball League MotherLode 7th place 2011
MotherLode 2nd place 2012
MotherLode Masters 1st place 2012
Ranked 9th on the 2012 National Volleyball League (NVL) Professional Tour
Seaside Open 2nd place 2014
CBVA Santa Barbara 1st place 2014


Adult Training

Tim’s training consists of 3 different phases. During the first training session Tim assesses athletes to determine the appropriate phase.

Phase 1: Basic Skills & Light Conditioning

Phase 1 training is designed for the beginner athlete. We work on basic volleyball skills, which include passing, setting, serving, serve receive, arm swing and basic movement in the sand. The conditioning aspect of Phase 1 includes light core and light agility training.

Phase 2: Skills, Strategies & Conditioning

Phase 2 training is designed for the intermediate athlete. We work on refining basic skills, which include passing, setting, hitting, serving, serve receive, movement in the sand and hand-eye coordination. Phase 2 includes higher intensity core, a focus on defensive and offensive strategies, an introduction to hitting zones and reading the court. Agility drills are a major focus in Phase 2, such as shuffle digs and agility runs.

Phase 3: Elite Training

Phase 3 training is designed for the elite athlete. This phase is no joke, it takes drive and determination to attain an elite level. Athletes are expected to push themselves past their comfort zone and give 100%. The following skills will be perfected: passing, setting, hitting, jump serving, zone serving, serve receive and hand-eye coordination. Phase 3 includes perfecting the ability to read the court and respond to opponents. Defensive and offensive skills, along with all aspects of the game are perfected at this level.
Group and individual classes are available at each level.

Straight Up Fitness

Classes focused on straight up fitness are also available. These classes include a focus on core, stability, plyometrics, weight training, speed and overall fitness. Classes can be individualized based on the athlete’s goals.

Junior Training

Visit our Juniors page for details on year-round training programs.

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All training and fitness classes are held at Wooly’s Beach, 514 E St Elmo Rd, Austin, TX 78745.

See a list of current skill & fitness classes at Wooly’s Beach in Austin or contact Tim at tim@texasvolleyballtour.com or at 512-696-7378 to get started.