2019 Texas Volleyball Tour

By November 26, 2018AVPNext

We are excited to announce that Texas Volleyball Tour will again partner with AVP in 2019 and will exclusively be awarding  6 MAIN DRAW BIDS at events in Texas in the new season!  In addition to Open & Juniors, the 2019 TVT event series will expand to include AA, A & B, giving all beach volleyball athletes in Texas the opportunity to compete in a series of statewide events against other athletes at the same level. The goal of expansion is to give all athletes, at all levels, the opportunity to work towards the goal of moving up the ranks and competing in a National Championship.  The entire TVT schedule will be rolled out in December!


 26-27 Dallas: Junior Beach College Recruiting Series #1 w/ Pepperdine, Florida State, Cal Berkeley & Hawaii AAU & AVPFirst


9-10  San Antonio: Junior Beach Series #2 AVPFirst & AAU
16-17 Dallas: Junior Beach College Recruiting Series #3 w/ South Carolina, TCU & University of Arizona AAU & AVPFirst
23-24 AVPNext Dallas Open & AVP America AA, A & B
24 Dallas: AVPFirst


Players earn TBV Ranking and Grand Prix points every time they play on the Texas Volleyball Tour!

Texas Beach Volleyball is the Ranking & Points System for the Texas Volleyball Tour. Players earn ranking & grand prix points every time they play on the Tour using the following formula: Division Base Points x Number of Teams Entered = Total Points Earned
1st Place = 100% of Points
2nd Place = 90% of 1st Place
And so on… with each place receiving 90% of the place before it. Learn more…