TVT Beach Team


The 2019/20 season will be the 11th year of our Junior Beach Volleyball Training Program in Austin. Although we have grown over the years we have never lost sight of our original goal of providing athletes with individualized coaching and attention in a small group setting. Our programs have three goals: strength & conditioning, perfecting individual skills and competing as a team.
Skills that are covered include: passing, setting, hitting, serving, overall ball control, defense, pulling, blocking, shot making and game sense. In addition, athletes will focus on learning to read the court and respond to their opponents. Athletes sign up as individuals for all programs. See each program for more details.  Individual and group private lessons are also available.
All new athletes must attend a tryout. New athletes and returning athletes are grouped by skills and assigned to practice days. With competition getting tougher and more athletes playing Beach than ever before, it is ideal to have athletes join our team at a young age. Our program tends to attract a more serious athlete that is willing to dedicate the time to reach their goals. Please email Cassidy to learn more or to schedule a tryout: 


Our season is broken into 4 programs:
FALL BEACH:  September – November
WINTER BEACH:  December – February
SPRING BEACH: February – April
SUMMER BEACH: April – June


During the season our team competes on the Junior Beach Series in Texas and in 2020 will travel to several out of state tournaments during the season. See our Junior Tournaments page for more information on the Junior Beach Series.
Our season culminates in Southern California with several National Tournaments.  This is a very fun few weeks in California and another great opportunity for athletes to be seen by college coaches. Parents are responsible for making all travel arrangements and registering for tournaments in California.  Here are a few helpful links for parents: California Beach Volleyball Association (CBVA)Beach Volleyball Clubs of America (BVCA)AVPFirst, AAU Beach Volleyball. and USAV.


Each tryout will have a max of 8 athletes. Athletes will be put through a series of drills to assess skills and will play with different partners in game-like situations. The cost of the 2 day tryout is $100 and must be paid prior to attending to reserve a spot. Athletes sign up as individuals.

The next tryout will be in November. 



Tim competed as a professional beach volleyball athletes for over 10 years.  Turning Pro in 2000, Tim competed both on the domestic and international level during his career. Tim played on the AVP from 2000 to 2010 and was a main draw player from 2007 to 2010.
Toyota Pro Beach Champion 2008
EEVB Champion 5 times
Chevy Freedom Champion 7 years in a row
Canada FIVB top 3 finisher
Barefoot Wine National Champion 2009
2010 & 2 x Corona Wide Open Champion in 2010
US OPEN National Championships 9th place 2010
Chicago Corona Wide Open top 10 finisher 2011
MotherLode 2nd place 2012 & MotherLode Masters 1st place 2012
Seaside Open 2nd place 2014
Tim retired from competing in 2014 to focus on developing the TVT Beach Team and to share his knowledge and love of the game with young athletes wishing to pursue their dreams.


Colin Kaslow is a personal trainer in Austin, with 20 years of experience working with a diverse client base that includes professional athletes. He graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and works as a corrective exercise and flexibility specialist at Spinal Rehab & Sports Medicine. Colin was also a Professional Beach Volleyball Player and partners with Tim Wooliver, playing both domestically and internationally during his career. Colin brings a wealth of knowledge and has designed a strength & conditioning program that compliments the TVT Beach Team training. 

Athletes will work out with Colin in the sand and have the opportunity to set up training sessions in the gym.


See our Recruiting page for more information on recruiting.  See our Tournaments page for more information on our College Beach Clinics & Recruiting Showcases.


Let us know if you have any more questions. Email questions to

How do I join the team?

All new athletes start with a scheduled tryout. Beach skills are assessed to determine the best training group for each athlete. In addition to assessing skills, we look for athletes with great attitudes that want to learn this game and push themselves to be better. Please contact Cassidy at to set up a tryout.

How do I find a partner to play with?

You are not required to sign up with a partner. There will be lots of athletes looking for partners and you will have the opportunity to play with different partners at practices. It is important that you find a partner that you work well with in a game situation and we will guide you in this process. 

What should I bring to practice?

Water bottle (ice water will be provided at each practice)
Flip flops

What should I wear to practice?

You will be doing core exercises in addition to drills at each practice so it is important that you wear clothes that are lightweight, comfortable and easy to move in. Athletes wear sports bras and a tank or tee with shorts or uniform bottoms at practice on warm days and leggings and a lightweight sweatshirt on cooler days. 

What are the uniform requirements in a beach tournament?

We abide by the USA Volleyball competition regulations uniform policy. Partners should wear the same color/style during tournaments. We provide our team with a uniform that is required to be worn in all tournaments.

How are beach and indoor different?

In beach you and your partner are in total control of your own game, calling your own time outs and making all strategy decisions. You will learn all the rules, the ins and outs of running your own game, and much more as you gain experience.