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Collegiate Beach Volleyball is heading into the Fall Season to test partnerships, teams and prepare for the Spring Season. The final 2019 poll released by Dig Magazine ranks the top 20 teams with a few close contenders. Follow along as these teams work towards the ultimate goal of playing in the NCAA Championships in Gulf Shores, Alabama on May 1-3, 2020. 

UCLA  @uclabeachvb
USC  @uscbeach
LSU  @lsubeachvb
FSU  @fsubeachvolleyball 
Hawaii  @uhbeachvolleyball
Pepperdine  @peppbeachvolley 
Stetson  @stetsonbeachvb
Cal Poly  @calpolybeach
Loyola Marymount  @lmulionsbeach
Cal Berkeley  @calbeachvolleyball
FIU  @fiu_beach
Arizona  @arizonabeachvolleyball
Long Beach  @lbsu_womensvb
GCU  @gcu_beach
GSU  @gsubeachvb
South Carolina  @gamecockbeachvb
TCU  @tcubeachvb
Arizona State  @sundevilbeachvb
St Mary’s  @smc_volleyball
College of Charleston  @cofcvolleyball
Stanford  @stanfordbeachvb
FAU  @faubeachvb

See TVT’s Facebook for a link to team FB accounts.

New Recruiting Rules for Beach Volleyball

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As of May 1, 2019 new NCAA D1 recruiting rules went into effect for Beach Volleyball. These new rules put limits on the communication between a recruit and a college coach before the end of their sophomore year of high school. The goals of the new rules are to curb early recruiting and give athletes the opportunity to make more informed decisions. 

College coaches can no longer communicate with student-athletes (or parents) before June 15 after sophomore year. College coaches will be allowed to discuss freshman or sophomore athletes with club coaches, but those conversations are limited to the coach being interested in the athlete, nothing else can be discussed. 

– Communication with coaches can begin 6/15 after sophomore year.
– Includes phone, email, social media contact, private messages, incoming and outgoing calls

Off campus contact can begin 8/1 before junior year.
– Any face-to-face contact off campus where a coach says more than hello

– Official and unofficial DI college visits can begin 8/1 before junior year.
– School-financed visits & self-financed visit that include coach conversations

No verbal offers/commitments until 6/15 after sophomore year.
Recruiting interactions during campus visits, camps and through high school/club coaches

Despite the new rules college coaches are still going to build their recruiting classes prior to being able to contact recruits.  Coaches will build their watch lists by online research, attending events, communicating with athletes’ coaches and observing and working with athletes at camps and clinics.
Athletes’ recruiting efforts also need to start prior to coaches being able to contact them. Setting up online profiles, researching schools, emailing coaches and attending camps and clinics are all things athletes can do.
Having an online profile which contains highlight videos, stats, and academic information will be important. Athletes can email coaches to make them aware of their online profile and send them updates on a regular basis.  
Attending camps at the colleges athletes are interested in is also important for athletes to get evaluated early.  This gives athletes the chance to work with the coaches, experience their coaching style, and to see the campus.

We checked in with FSU Head Coach, Brooke Niles to see what she thinks of the new rules: 

What do you think of the recruiting rule change? 
I like the new rules because it gives us coaches a lot more time to see players develop and grow before they commit to a college. Now players can take visits in their junior and senior years of high school instead of committing freshman and sophomore year. I think the players are in a better spot maturity wise to make their college decision later in high school.

What are the pros & cons of the change?
Some of the cons are it’s hard to communicate with coaches unless you attend camps between your freshman and junior years.  I mentioned some of the pros above. It also gives you enough time to make a decision about where you want to go to school and what program fits your needs.

How will this affect the way you recruit? 
This gives us a lot more time to evaluate players and watch them grow. We’ll have more time to  watch players before we make a commitment and players will have more opportunities to explore their options before they make a commitment. We have found that holding more camps gives us the opportunity to really get to know the players and they experience our coaching styles.

Do you have any advice for athletes starting the recruiting process?
My advice to athletes with these new rules is to make a list of things you want from a program and college. Then find programs that fit your needs and attend camps, clinics with those programs.

The new rules do not impact the recruiting timeline at the NCAA DII, DIII, NAIA or Junior College level.

Colin Kaslow Joins TVT Beach Team

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We are excited to announce the addition of Colin Kaslow as our Strength & Conditioning Coach for TVT Beach Team.  Colin joins our team this Fall and athletes will have the opportunity to work out in the sand and set up training sessions in the gym.

Colin Kaslow is a personal trainer in Austin, with 20 years of experience working with a diverse client base that includes professional athletes. He graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and works as a corrective exercise and flexibility specialist at Spinal Rehab & Sports Medicine. Colin was also a Professional Beach Volleyball Player and partners with Tim Wooliver, playing both domestically and internationally during his career. Colin brings a wealth of knowledge and has designed a strength & conditioning program that compliments the TVT Beach Team training.

“Colin is an excellent addition to our team and brings positive energy, visionary thinking, and elite experience, as well as a passion for developing young athletes. He compliments our program, adding a diversity of thinking which is important for continual growth.” Head Coach Tim Wooliver said.

2019 AVPNext GOLD Texas Championship

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2019 AVPNext GOLD Texas Championship

June 29
$20,000 Payout

Texas Volleyball Tour will be hosting the 2nd Annual AVPNext Gold Texas Championships on June 29 in Dallas.  In addition to the largest payout in Texas Beach Volleyball, the winning teams will be awarded Wild Card Bids into the AVP Manhattan Beach Open.


1st $2500
2nd $2000
3rd $1500
3rd $1500
5th $750
5th $750
7th $500
7th $500

AVPNext is the official developmental program of the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour and serves as the exclusive “qualification circuit” for elite amateur players to earn AVP qualification points, a national ranking and entry into AVP main draws.

In the 2019 season, there will be six AVPNext Gold events and two AVPNext U26 tournaments throughout the nation, giving all beach athletes an opportunity to develop their skills and earn a chance to compete against the best pros in the world at one of the Pro Tour’s marquee SoCal events.  Along with the chance the earn a Main Draw bid, every certified AVPNext event will give athletes AVP points to climb the rankings.

June 8-9 Denver, CO AVPNext GOLD -$20K – Wild Card Manhattan Beach
Volleyball of the Rockies

June 15-16 Virginia Beach, VA AVPNext GOLD – $20K purse – Wild Card Manhattan Beach
Tidewater Volleyball Association

June 15-16 Dallas, TX AVPNext U26 – Wild Card Manhattan Beach
Texas Volleyball Tour

June 29-30 Dallas, TX AVPNext GOLD – $20K purse – Wild Card Manhattan Beach
Texas Volleyball Tour

July 20-21 Chicago, IL AVPNext GOLD – $20K purse – Wild Card Manhattan Beach
Chicago Sport & Social Club

July 20-21 Huntington Beach AVPNext U26 – Wild Card Manhattan Beach

August 3-4 Florida AVPNext GOLD – $20K purse – Wild Card Manhattan Beach
Dig The Beach 

August 8-10 Seaside, OR AVPNext GOLD – $25K purse – Wild Card Manhattan Beach
Seaside Beach Volleyball

May 26-27 Texas Recruiting Showcase

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MAY 26-27

May 26-27 San Antonio: JBS #10 College Recruiting Series w/FSU, Arizona, LSU, South Carolina, GCU, Stetson, TCU, Hendrix & Texas A&M-CC

15630 Henderson Pass
San Antonio, TX 78232


Sunday 5/26 – 15U & 16U
8:00-10:00am College Beach Clinic
10:15am Tournament Check-In
10:45am Tournament Begins

Monday 5/27 – 14U & 18U
8:00-10:00am College Beach Clinic
10:15am Tournament Check-In
10:45am Tournament Begins

2019 AVPNext – $125K!

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BIGGEST YEAR EVER and TVT is proud to be the exclusive Texas partner!

AVPNext Gold Events

  • June 8-9 in Denver, CO
    • Volleyball of the Rockies
    • $20,000 Prize Purse
  • June 15-16 in Virginia Beach, VA
    • Partnering with Tidewater Volleyball Association
    • $20,000 Prize Purse
  • June 29-30 in Dallas, TX
    • Partnering with Texas Volleyball Tour
    • $20,000 Prize Purse
  • July 20-21 in Chicago, IL
    • Partnering with Chicago Sport & Social Club
    • $20,000 Prize Purse
  • August 3-4 in Pompano Beach, FL
    • Partnering with Dig the Beach
    • $20,000 Prize Purse
  • August 8-10 in Seaside, OR
    • Partnering with Seaside Beach Volleyball
    • $25,000 Prize Purse

AVPNext U26 Events

  • June 15-16 in Dallas, TX
    • Partnering with Texas Volleyball Tour 
  • July 20-21 in Huntington Beach, CA
    • Partnering with VolleyOC 

See full article HERE.


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Be Recruited in 2019!

Texas Volleyball Tour’s College Recruiting Series will host college coaches from from all over the US in 2019! It is our goal to provides athletes with the opportunity to be recruited and follow their dream of playing at a collegiate level.
JANUARY 26-27 Dallas: Pepperdine, FSU, Hawaii, Cal Berkeley, South Carolina & TCU
FEBRUARY 16-17 Dallas: South Carolina, TCU, University of Arizona & LSU
MAY 25-27 San Antonio: Texas Recruiting Showcase -Florida State (FSU), Arizona, LSU, South Carolina, GCU, Stetson, TCU, Hendrix, HBU, SFA & Texas A&M-CC
JUNE 15-16 Dallas: Best in Beach Recruiting Showcase – TCU, LSU, SFA & ACU
DECEMBER 7-8 Austin: University of Hawaii

February 16-17 College Recruiting Series Dallas

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February 16-17 Dallas: JBS #3 College Recruiting Series w/ South Carolina, TCU, LSU & University of Arizona/AAU & AVPFirst

5812 Windhaven Pkwy
The Colony, TX 75056

Saturday 2/16
College Beach Clinic w/South Carolina & TCU
9:00-10:30am Clinic #1
10:45 Tournament Check-In
11:00am Tournament Begins – College Recruiting Series w/South Carolina & TCU/AAU JOQ

Sunday 2/17
College Beach Clinic w/LSU
9:00-10:30am Clinic #1
10:45 Tournament Check-In
11:00am Tournament Begins – College Recruiting Series w/LSU & University of Arizona/AVPA/AVPFirst Points Qualifier