Texas Beach Volleyball Rankings is a collaborative statewide points system that provides an accurate ranking system for adults and juniors. Players earn TBV ranking points every time they play in a certified Texas Beach Volleyball event. Points are calculated using the following formula:

Division Base Points x Number of Teams Entered = Total Points Earned
1st Place = 100% of Points
2nd Place = 90% of 1st Place
3rd Place = 90 % of 2nd Place
And so on… with each place receiving 90% of the place before it.


RANKING=total of best 5 point finishes over the past 365 days (regardless of division)

Rankings are extended to the best 5 finishes over the last 2 years due to Covid

Ranking points will be used to rank players, seed tournaments and used as one indicator of when a player needs to move up to the next division. Ranking points will be calculated on a per-athlete basis rather than a per-team basis, allowing athletes to switch partners freely without penalty.

Ranking points will be used to seed all tournaments except AVP sanctioned Men’s & Women’s Open. AVP sanctioned Men’s & Women’s Open tournaments earn both TBV points and AVP points.  These events will be seeded using AVP points due to players from outside of Texas participating.